The Senator Silent Series range of compressors has been developed in response to Australian industry’s
growing need for quieter air compressors to mitigate the significant occupational health risk of excessive workplace noise.

By using innovative design, the Senator Silent Series models combine the cost benefits of a traditional piston compressor with the quiet operating characteristics of a screw compressor. They offer an economical low-noise solution for industrial applications with intermittent or fluctuating compressed air demand, such as cabinetmakers, crash repairs, tyre fitters and workshops.

Sound-proofed enclosures, together with a compact cabinet size achieved by vertical stacking of the compressor pump and motor, save precious floorspace enabling these units to be installed directly within the working environment.

The noise level as per Australian Standard AS-2659.1-1988 is as low as 65dB(A) @ 1m

Models are available in 5.5, 7.5 & 10HP, delivering up to 38 cfm FAD.

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