Value isn’t merely a goal. It’s instead an investment, with your company assessing the short-term and long-term worth of every product. Each choice must deliver solutions, not complications – and pipe reticulations are no exception. To ensure maximum efficiency, you seek options that promise excellent results.

We recommend poly air pipes. These polyethylene-based products deliver superior distribution, accommodating all factory installations with high-density (and high performance) ease. They also promise extended value, with their unique constructions allowing them to conform effortlessly to long-term demands.

Poly air pipes are engineered for durability. Their materials offer heightened resistance to corrosion and chemical exposure while UV stabilisation provides protection against the elements. They serve as natural insulators, with the 6-metre frames quickly adapting to industrial environments.

They also offer national standards, with all fittings tailored to AS/NZS 4130-4131 regulations. This ensures that all fluid conveyance achieve MAOPs of 1050 kPa and pipeworks generate consistent pressure, promoting quality with every installation. It allows companies to invest their time and budgets more effectively into viable compression strategies.

Poly air pipes offer undeniable value. To learn more about these options – including our 25-mm, 32-mm, 40-mm, and 50-mm fittings – contact us today by phone on (08-8340-0386), or by email (, or by visiting our shop (Unit 3, 12-14 Tikalara Street, Regency Park SA 5010). The Air Connection team will gladly provide spec information or schedule an on-site installation.