An air compressor’s role is often taken for granted.  Not unlike our car we tend to postpone regular maintenance servicing, while it is running well.

However, not only the compressor but all equipment within the compressed air system requires regular maintenance to operate at peak efficiency.  Additional costs to adequately maintain your compressed air system may be a fraction of those for inefficient energy consumption or production downtime.

Maintenance consists of not only regular service inspections by the service provider, but also by good monitoring and house-keeping practices by the user.  Service schedules are preventative by design and include timely replacement of filters and oil, adjustment of belts and identification and repair of air leaks or other faults throughout the whole air system.

Air Connection provides full maintenance service to all makes and models of compressors and associated compressed air equipment and distribution pipe work.

Rebuilds when necessary and feasible, are also offered.  Back-up air provision during rebuilds can also be arranged.

Please contact us with any enquiries about the maintenance of your compressed air system.