Airmac belt driven reciprocating air compressors are proudly built for Australia by factory trained technicians using a premium selection of genuine brand name components. The many thousands of Airmac units already in service throughout the country are working proof that they are the finest quality air compressors available today.

Domestic, trade and small industrial users who need a reliable heavy duty air compressor need look no further than Airmac’s latest single phase range. With a choice of four portables and a giant stationary model, there is an Airmac air compressor to suit just about every application.

  • Maximum outlet pressure is factory preset at 126 psi (870 kPa), but can be adjusted up to 142 psi (980 kPa) for special applications.
  • Performance ratings are determined in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4637-2006.
  • All portable models are fitted with a genuine Nitto air outlet coupling.
  • Filter/regulators are not supplied as standard, but can be purchased separately.

(Please Note: Models V13, T17 and T20 are also available with long handle for easy portability)

  • Airmac-Handle Series

    Contractor Portables

  • Airmac V13

    Largest 10amp Unit

  • Airmac T17

    Slow Revving, Low Noise

  • Airmac T20

    No.1 Best Seller

  • Airmac T20LG

    Ideal for Bore Water Pumps

  • Airmac T20-120L

    The ideal stationary compressor for small factories

  • Airmac - TT40

    Giant 240Volt Twin Pump