No electricity, No Problem.

Airmac offers an up to date range of Honda powered air compressors that are ideal for use out in the field.

Each model is fitted with a Genuine Honda air-cooled overhead valve petrol engine for superior performance, reliability, economy and lasting value.

High Pressures Models up to 175psi available.

    • Maximum cut-in and cut-out pressures are factory preset at 111 psi (765 kPa) and 140 psi (965 kPa), respectively.
    • Performance ratings are determined in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4637-2006.
    • Models V16P, T20P and T20P-100L are fitted with a genuine Nitto air outlet coupling.
    • Electric Start Optional
  • Airmac T20P

    Our Top Selling Petrol Compressor

  • Airmac V25P

    Big 125L Air Tank

  • Airmac T30P

    Ideal for Service Trucks

  • Airmac V40P

    New Larger Engine

  • Airmac T55P

    A large output unit with compact design.

  • Airmac B24P

    Compact High Pressure Unit

  • Airmac B35P

    Standard Electric Start on High Pressure Unit