The industrial landscape is vast – with each company offering a series of productions, operations, and sales strategies. Every solution is unique and the need for compressed air reticulations is just as unique, with installation frameworks delivering a series of materials and pipe demands.

Air Connection seeks to accommodate these demands – by providing our clients with a diverse array of air fittings in Adelaide. We tailor each installation to the proper materials, delivering brass, aluminium, stainless steel, and polyethene. We ensure that all pipes are precisely engineered for superior circulation, and our wide selection of sizes (including 20-mm, 25-mm, 40-mm, 50-mm, 63-mm, and even 80-mm) adapts to all frameworks.

Air fittings in Adelaide echo the needs of our clients, offering seamless results. They also offer quality, with our team fusing each product with peerless service. We provide turn-key installations, creating custom pipework and plant room equipment for every company. We then offer on-site maintenance, extending both the life and value of every fitting through filter replacements, belt adjustments, air leak assessments, and more.

Through exceptional materials and equally outstanding support, our team allows each company to achieve optimum compression performance. To learn more about our air fittings in Adelaide – or to schedule an on-site inspection – contact Air Connection today by phone (08-8340-0386) or by email ( Feel free to stop by our shop as well:

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