Environmental regulations strictly prohibit the discharge of oily wastes and chemicals, including the condensate drained from a compressed air system, to surface water, wastewater treatment facilities and sanitary sewers.

Chemical absorption oil/water separators are filled with a chemical media developed to attract the oil while repelling water molecules. Depressurized oil condensate drains into the chemical absorption separator where the oil is bonded to the media. Clean water then flows for drainage from the system.

 Key Features

  • Small compact design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Test valve for sampling purposes
  • Rugged Polyethylene housing
  • Designed for condensate containing mineral oil*

 An Oil/Water Separator can be supplied for systems ranging from 65cfm up to 1,250cfm capacity.

*The lubricant used will determine the type of filter bags. Please advise if synthetic oil is used in your compressor.